ImmunoG PRP Chewables

$ 40.90
ImmunoG PRP™  Chewables contains naturally extracted polypeptides from bovine colostrum. These support the body’s balanced production of cytokines.*
ImmunoPRP Chewables are a natural bovine colostrum collected within the first 24 hours after birthing. This formula is a natural whole food providing IgG and colostrum polypeptides.* It also supplies protein, immune factors, growth factors, vitamins and minerals to ensure health and vitality naturally.* Numerous scientific studies have shown that colostrum supports the human immune and cytokine systems.*
Many colostrum products are produced in a way that they lose essential colostrum polypeptides (PRPs). This formula is carefully processed for maximum biological activity and is antibiotic-free.
  • Contains natural polypeptides from bovine colostrum
  • Supports immune system regulation
  • Promotes healthy cytokine production
  • Supports healthy cognitive function
  • Contains milk

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