SOCO Botanicals

SOCO Symphony Men Antioxidant Elixir Oil

$ 44.97
The ultimate all in one anti aging face oil serum for men. This face oil blend is nutrient packed with active botanical ingredients and essential oils designed for men's skin. Replace all other serums & creams with this face oil moisturizer- everything you need is in one bottle. 

ANTI AGING: SOCO Symphony Men is one of the highest quality natural skin products available for men. Designed to reduce wrinkle formation and provide hydration that lasts all day long. This ultra concentrated serum-moisturizer revitalizes & brings back youthful elasticity at the cellular level, helping to soften wrinkles & reduce damage from sun exposure.
  • Plantain and Comfrey have healing & anti-aging effects
  • Basil & Frankincense increase elasticity, calm inflammation & fight infection (acne)
  • Natural SPF oils of Jojoba & Red Raspberry moisturize, renew the skin & diminish wrinkles
  • CoQ10 penetrates deeply, providing biological energy (ATP) inside cells, reviving skin from within

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