SPM Active

$ 71.25

OmegaGenics SPM Active is a revolutionary nutritional product developed through advanced fractionation technology featuring standardized levels of SPMs (specialized pro-resolving mediators) found in fish oil. SPMs play a key role in the resolution of an immune response, according to extensive preclinical research. 

Specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) are molecules our bodies produce naturally in response to damaged tissue due to physical challenges and are a critical component of the body’s natural healing process. Unfortunately, the body may not produce enough SPMs on its own. Diet, lifestyle, excess body fat, and other health challenges can affect SPM production. That’s where our clinically studied SPM Active can help.*

  • SPMs play a key role in immune response
  • Supports those with physical discomfort from everyday activities
  • Helps those with low SPM production due to excess body weight
  • Helps support a healthy healing process

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