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NZ-Red Velvet Deer Antler

$ 30.98

Velvet deer antler is treasured as one of the most valuable agents in traditional Eastern health practices, used for centuries to nourish the body’s “jing” essence (defined as overall health and vitality).  According to these principles, velvet deer antler is considered  to be one of the most robust agents for this purpose.

Adaptogenic Support

Russian scholars highly regard velvet deer antler for its extraordinary, broad spectrum adaptogenic components that delivers biologically active health benefiting properties. Emerging science clinically suggests the effects of velvet deer antler may support performance.

Naturally Occurring Collagen

Recent research has discovered that collagen is a natural constituent of velvet deer antler which supports the production of cartilaginous tissue and formation of the bone of the antler.  Collagen is a protein extensively documented for supporting skin health.

  • Contains 25% Undenatured Collagen
  • Promotes Optimal Health and vitality
  • Supports optimal performance
  • Supports production of cartilaginous tissue

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