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Migra Clear Ultra

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Migra-Clear Ultra by BioGenesis is a natural supplement that contains nutraceuticals known to support reducing the frequency and intensity of vascular headaches. These ingredients act synergistically to assist in reducing swelling and histamine as well as serotonin-induced vasospasm.*When you want a natural, nutritional approach to maintaining head comfort, Migra-Clear Ultra may be your product of choice. Doctors, consulting with BioGenesis Nutraceuticals, Inc., designed Migra-Clear Ultra to contain the most documented nutraceuticals presently known to help support the vascular system in the head.

Migraines and other vascular headaches typically are produced due to vasoconstriction of cerebral blood vessels (or the vessels leading into the brain). When this vasoconstriction occurs the brain receives less blood flow and therefore less oxygen. The body responds to restore circulation by dilating these constricted vessels leading to a vasodilation headache. This vasodilation response causes congestion, which increases pressure and pain receptor activation. Typical symptoms are a throbbing, congestive headache with light sensitivity (photophobia), nausea, and occasionally vomiting. Motion typically aggravates the patient. Migra-Clear Ultra is designed to maintain optimal circulation to the brain and within the brain, thus, avoiding the vasoconstrictive trigger phase.

It is advisable to take Migra-Clear Ultra on a daily basis to maintain normal head vascular health.

  • A unique vitamin and herbal formula designed to support reducing the frequency and intensity of vascular disturbances in the head.
  • Helps support head ease and relaxation.*
  • Synergistic ingredients provide support in reduction of swelling and reducing histamine and serotonin-induced vasospasm.*
  • Supplies ginger root, feverfew, and ginkgo leaf extract.*

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