Micellized D3 + K2

$ 32.50

Micellized D3 + K2 is a water-soluble liquid supplement supplying 1,200 IU of highly bioavailable D3 plus 50 mcg of vitamin K2. It is a soy-free, natural vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 in a water-soluble micellized form. Micellization greatly increases the solubility, absorption and bioavailability over oil or emulsified forms.*

This formula includes the patented VitaMK7®, a natural vitamin K2 (as MK7) which supports enhanced utilization of calcium in the bloodstream.* It is an all-trans natural menaquinone-7 with the highest bioavailability and longest half-life in the blood.* VitaMK7® is shown in human clinical studies to increase osteocalcin (calcium-binding protein) levels, enhancing the body’s ability to utilize calcium in the bloodstream.* It is also shown to prevent bone loss and promote bone integrity while significantly reducing the incidence of arterial calcification, promoting optimal cardiovascular function.* An in-vitro study shows VitaMK7® inhibits the production of PGE-2, a prostaglandin that acts as a potent stimulator of bone loss.* It is non-GMO and solvent-free and processed under the strictest purity standards.

  • Immune support
  • Supports healthy bone growth and maintenance
  • Combination of D3 and K2 allows for optimal function
  • Micellized formula offers high bioavailability

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