Joint Replete

$ 47.90

Comprehensive joint and soft tissue support containing glucosamine, chonroitin sulfate and MSM. An advanced formula that supports joint and soft tissue. Maintaining your joints and soft tissue is essential whether you lead an active lifestyle, play sports, or simply wish to age with your working parts in tiptop shape. NuMedica Join Replete contains effective natural ingredients that support even your most complex joints such as your knees. These ingredients may also reduce inflammation due to arthritis and enhance the development of normal bone and cartilage.

Joint Replete® is a comprehensive joint and soft tissue support formula featuring ETArol™, the highest quality, whole green-lipped mussel extract from New Zealand.* It also contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and MSM, as well as manganese, which aids in the growth and development of normal bone and in the formation of mucopolysaccharides.* Additionally, Joint Replete® contains hyaluronic acid, a powerful antioxidant which promotes resiliency and protects against repetitive wear and tear.* The whole green-lipped mussel extract contains naturally occurring oils and glycosaminoglycans, the principal component of cartilage and synovial fluid found in the joints.*

ETArol™ is a premium quality whole green-lipped mussel extract produced by proprietary cold processing and should not be confused with inferior, oil-based lipid extracts commonly used in joint health dietary supplements.

  • Can help reduce joint inflammation
  • Enhances normal bone and cartilage development
  • Contains hyaluronic acid to prevent against joint wear and tear
  • Cold processed mussel extract

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