Happy Hour Vitamin Patch

$ 40

The Happy Hour Hangover Patch is designed to prevent some of the unwanted side effects of drinking so that you look and feel your best the next day.

Despite our concerted efforts to drink responsibly, it’s common to go overboard and end up having a little more than you originally intended to.

Many of us do not even understand the impact such a move can have on our mental and physical health.

Whether it is a glass of wine or something stronger, consuming more than what you can handle can leave you dizzy and in a bad state. Many of us do not realize the mistake until we wake up in the morning with a heavy head.

This is a common problem and we’re here with a solution. While it’s important to be responsible when partying or enjoying yourself, you can’t deny the benefits of a hangover patch, a topical patch made to help you feel better right away so you can start your day feeling fresh and energetic.

    • May help prevent hangovers before they start
    • Contains natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs
    • Use one hangover patch daily (or nightly before bed)
    • No pills to swallow or ineffective tonics
    • Zero calories!
    • Safe, easy, and convenient to use after a big night on the town

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