Youthing Strategies

Ayurveda Sesame Oil

$ 19

This is an every day premium skin oil used for all purposes. Deepak Chopra and the Ayurveda physicians at the Chronic Illness headquarters for the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (TM) all recommend a daily, all-over, self massage. This oil is ideal for that purpose. For a soft, natural, healthy look, use YOUTHING STRATEGIES™ FACE&BODY Lovely skin formula on face, neck and hands twice a day. This formula penetrates into the skin quickly and through the capillaries enters the blood stream. It is naturally a potent antioxidant.

Sesame oil components neutralize the free radicals (oxygen radicals) in our bodies which are known to cause damage to skin, tissue and organs. Free radical damage not only makes us look older, they are thought to be the primary cause of aging. Because of it’s antifungal qualities, it is a good oil to keep by the sink to use on the hands and around the fingernails after each time the hands are stressed by hot water and soap. Users have said it is excellent to cure dry skin problems; eczema sufferers say it works well to relieve the itching, burning of that condition.

Contains organic sesame seed oil plus essential oils of Geranium, Lavender, Neroli and Lemon Balm (Melissa), plus natural d alpha tocopherols.

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